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Q: During hot summers, which hydrolats (hydrosols or floral waters) would you recommend to spray on both face and body? Looking forward to your answer, Best regards, Michele

A: Thanks for writing. We turned to Myrna Beardshear, Director of Spa and Wellness at Red Mountain Resort & Spa for our answer. "Unless a physical (zinc or titanium) block is being used, there is a potential for a spritzer to ‘liquify' a sunscreen somewhat – especially if a lot of spray is used. Most essential oils do render the skin more photosensitive, so I don't think they mix well while in the sun, but they are great after being in the sun. A spritzer like [comfort zone] Skin Resonance Tonic is ideal in the sun, used lightly, as it is hydrating but also protective and desensitizing, with no essential oils. So save the essential oils for after sun exposure, and in the sun, focus on protection and hydration."
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