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Healing Lifestyles & Spas began as Healing Retreats & Spas back in 1997 with the premise and mission of bringing and making healing modalities and spa wisdom mainstream. It quickly became obvious, however, that while retreats were an integral part of the spa experience, what the magazine really hoped to do was bring the spa home, allowing readers to create a truly healing lifestyle, and thus the name change in 2001 to Healing Lifestyles & Spas.

Since 2001, the brand has grown in both scope and size, attracting a wide array of readers that all share one common desire—to live more mindfully. Healing Lifestyles & Spas offers readers/viewers and advertisers a variety of programs, including the Retreat & Renew Tip of the Day, featuring spa wisdom, healing recipes, and more, delivered to subscribers' in-boxes 5 days a week; a newly re-launched interactive website with more than 9 years of archived stories and recipes; and an e-newsletter directly from the Editorial Director.

In addition, Healing Lifestyles & Spas online spa directory has been years in the growing, and offers advertisers and readers/viewers the most comprehensive spa guide available. In 2010, the first Annual Retreat & Renew Directory will be printed, offering readers a print version of the guide and directory, as well as inspirational stories that they can carry with them for an entire year. This directory issue will be in place of the previous print frequency of 6X a year, everything else will focus on online efforts.

Melissa Williams has been with the magazine since 2000, and has served as the Editor-in-Chief for the past nine years. Shanon Hoffman has been with the magazine since 2001, bringing her years of marketing and sales experience to the title as the Associate Publisher and now Publisher and Owner. Both women, along with a strong HL&S team behind them, have strived to create a magazine and website that are comprehensive, providing meaningful content, inspiring stories, and up-to-date information, helping readers—and spa industry veterans—create a healthier, more natural lifestyle. Healing Lifestyles & Spas has played a large role in a number of events, including supporting LOHAS since its inception; sponsoring the HL&S Spa Summits, which served as a dialogue and forum for the spa industry; and otherwise establishing themselves as the premier source for natural, holistic, spa living.


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