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Feeling Outta Whack?
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March 5, 2013

Feeling Off Kilter? 

By Heather Vuchinich, Editor, Spaliciously

Everyone experiences those “Calgon moments” when life feels overwhelming and it seems impossible to stay balanced and on an even keel.

Even little things can start to irritate, making you feel outta whack, jumpy and on edge. 
Though a yoga retreat or spa vacation may seem like the answer to your problems, these options may not be immediately realistic given time and/or financial limitations.

So what’s an out of balance woman to do when things have gotten too far out of whack and need to be brought back to center ASAP?

First. Recognize that finding a middle ground where you find a comfortable balance will be different for everyone. Assess where in YOUR life things have gotten off track.

Ask yourself some questions. Do you need more balance in your spiritual health, relationships, social life, finances? Once you become aware of the area(s) on which you need to focus, you can make better decisions about how to regain your equilibrium.

Next. Apply a remedy to whatever's knocking you out of balance, remembering to keep it simple, so that you don’t end up even more overwhelmed by one more thing to do.

Why don't you start by practicing these basic balancing tips that can help point you in the right direction to a more even-kiltered life.

You will then experience a big AHHHH moment!

While we are on the subject of feeling crabby, if you are feeling those imbalance blues, you gotta try the below She Crab Bisque recipe from What A Girl Eats. It'll cheer ya up and it's a much healthier rendition than your usual cream-based chowder or bisque...

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Recipe - Top
She Crab Bisque

This recipe shows that you don't need heavy cream or loads of whole milk to make a deliciously rich bisque. Add some chicken broth, low-fat milk, and Sherry and you are off to the she crab races!
Recipe - Bottom
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